Ellen Marie and Mads managed the hotel with hard hand, but it was difficult for them to run it, so they rented it and even sold it, until taking it over again in 1920.

In 1923 Mads dies, and Ellen Marie continues the business with the help of her son and daughter-in-law, until she dies in 1941.

Since then, many years passed through different ownerships; many times these ancient walls have been theatre of different businesses' choices: restaurant, hotel, even cinema...

Already in 1908 there were regular film-shows called

                          "The Cinema Theater Harmonien"

and adults could watch movies for 25 øre, children for 15 øre...

Since 2016 then, work has been done to bring this historical and unique building back to its beauty: it is a long process.

Thanks to high skilled professionals from Ærø and other countries, 2/3 of the facade and of the about a hundred windows have been already renovated.

Our new sign at the garden is carved by the local artist and sculptor Ole Hartvig in 2017.

In 2019 the big project involving our iconic terrace, water front, as been completed.



In the old days, the hotel was actually 2 hotels:

Hotel Harmonien and Møllers Hotel.

Hotel Møllers was owned by restaurateur Berthel Petersen Møller, who ran it with his sister. The hotel was on the corner of Brogade and Nørregade, right next to hotel Harmonien.

Hotel Harmonien was built in 1850 by restaurateur Petersen.

In 1885 Harmonien gets its distinctive and beautiful terrace and porch, designed by a wellknown architect Jens Juel Eckersberg, who often visited Ærø.

In 1903 it was purchased by Mads Møllegrav and Ellen Marie, who have probably been some of the most distinctive personalities in Badehotel history; they also bought Møllers Hotel in 1913, and finally joined the two buildings together.

Ellem Marie and Mads in the garden facing the sea.

It is in 1978 when Badehotel sees an unusual change in its life: Ærø Folkehøjskole officially opens here , with music and theater lessons and courses.

Enthusiastic groups of teachers and students will fill in Badehotel's rooms and salons with life, stories, and artistical events for decades. This "golden epoque" still lives in many ex-students' hearts, as well as in the unique "theatre"salon still in use.

Unfortunately, due to failing students' numbers, and a new college reform, this typical scandinavian instituition permanently closed in 2011.

In 2012 it will be taken over by Alexander Lindhardt, and alive agin, during Summer, as Badehotel  Ærø.

It is on April 2016 that Monica D'Andrea Nordin and Jan Nordin start a new chapter in Badehotel's life!

Back to the origins with its name: "Badehotel Harmonien".

A new concept with an Italian restaurant and pizzeria: "AmoreMare", in the famous sea view veranda;

and investiments in its renovation...

It is a slow process, and it will take a few years, but we have great plans for Badehotel: we hope to bring it back to the past but with contemporary and modern facilities.

Badehotel Harmonien

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